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Analytical Science

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  • The advent of analytical science proved to be an important tool not only for the field of medicine, but especially in law and perhaps on an individual basis.  Finding out the cause of an illness, or death can help a physician administer proper treatment, a lifesaving and preventative measures.
    "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

    Ben Franklin

  • Today, suicide is becoming more and more common form of terminal task often attributed to drugs. As an idea is to develop a compound (natural if possible) that will be added to any drug that will tell the body to stop taking any more of this drug or perhaps a way to break down the drug into a harmless compound, before overdose occurs. A stopping or converting mechanism. Prevent and Cure

    Ben Franklin

  • The application of Analytical Science is not only limited to the field of Forensice, Medicine, Research, but also on an individual basis. If you believe that someone may have put something in your drink while you're at the bar or at a party, get yourself and/or the drink tested right away, and prevent this from happening again to you or to someone else. Prevent and Cure

    Ben Franklin

  • For fun, see what happens to an unripe fruit such as mango, peach, and others when you place it alongside a banana. Very simple. Get some fruit of your choice, you can mix/match. Then place it on a paper bag and add it along with some bananas. Cover the paper bag, and let sit for one or two days at room temperature. Observe what happens to the fruit. Enjoy!

    Science is Fun

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