Beating The Drug Test System (information on what to look for)

4. Imitation Urine

In general, the physical appearance of urine should be yellow to yellow-tan in color. Unfortunately, there are liquid substances available such as apple juice, cranberry juice, etc., that have the same color as urine. Noting the temperature of the urine is important.

5. Length of time in the bathroom 

The length of time that one spends in a bathroom could infer possible activity of altering the urine sample. You could confirm your suspicion to some degree by noting all-important criteria of temperature, color, and odor of urine. The temperature and odor of the urine can be confirmed at that point, because of the temperature indicator on the urine collection container, and obviously your smelling device, the nose. However, you are not required to smell the odor of the urine if you don't feel comfortable with this task. A specimen below 90 oF is enough to suspect an altered specimen. Please use your best judgment in any case. Some people may have difficulty in urinating, or generally prefer to take their time in the bathroom. Therefore, the temperature of the urine may not register to an acceptable temperature of 90 oF. The best solution is to have a patient resubmit a urine sample.

What to do with a suspicious sample

From time to time, you will encounter a urine sample that may not be acceptable because of appearance, temperature, color, etc. If it is strongly believed that the person is trying to beat the system, you could politely as them to submit another urine sample.

Conditions to recollect the sample

1. Temperature - If < 90 o F.

2. Color and odor

The color and odor of the urine may not always be a reliable indicator for possible alteration of urine. However, as long as the temperature of the urine is acceptable, we have a weapon called AlphaTox that overcomes all adulterants.

NOTE: : If recollecting the sample, try to do this within four hours to avoid further elimination of drugs from a drug users system.

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