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DNA Analyisis
Parentage, Paternal, Siblingship, Immigration


1. Dual Participant (Required) DNA Parentage Analysis - Child, Father or Mother

        Fee $365.00  ORDER NOW

2. Triple Participant DNA Parentage Analysis - Child, Father, and Mother

        Higher Accuracy
        Greater Confidence in Results

        Recommended especially in legal situations
        Fee $415.00 ORDER NOW   

. Re-analyzation of a Disputed DNA Parentage Analysis Result

Fee See Dual or Triple DNA Analysis Fees

4. Chorionic/Amniocentesis Testing - Call our lab at 614-459-2307 for information

Specimen Collectionl

Local - Please contact our lab at 614-459-2307 for appointment.  There is no charge for onsite (Columbus, Ohio ONLY) specimen collection.

n State/Out of State - A buccal swab collection material along with simple instruction will be sent to the participating parties.  An extra charge for specimen collection is required


Payment in full in the form of cash, credit, check, or money order please, is required at the time of visit. If for some reason you decide to cancel the test, it is important to notify us within 24 hours after payment is made. However, there will be a 15 % overhead charge for any refunds.



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