Forensic Toxicology cont'

a. Qualitative - Identification Analysis (see below for prices)

    a. Vegetative (i.e. Marijuana, Ergot, etc.) - 0.10 gram min., ideal 1.0 gram
    b. Solid (i.e. crack cocaine, etc.) - 10 mg min., ideal; 0.10 gram
    c. Powder (i.e. cocaine, heroin, etc.) - 50 mg, min, ideal; 0.10 gram
    d. Liquid (i.e. blood, serum, urine, etc.) - 0.125 ml whole blood, ideal; 0.50 ml
                                                               5.0 ml min urine
                                                               5.0 ml min other liquids

Place sample in a tightly sealed and secured container, that is also labeled with the subjects name, identifying numbers or codes, and initial of the technician who prepared that aliquot (portioning of the sample(s).

Submit the sample(s) along with a chain of custody form to our laboratory at Toxicology Associates, Inc., 999 Bethel Road, Columbus, OH 43214.

b. Re-Weighing of Evidence Sample(s) - see next page for prices

If the evidence needs to be re-weighed for verification, challenge, etc. it could also be done, in which we will have to travel to have it weighed.  As for flight reservation, car rental, etc. these can be done either by your organization,  or we can do it for you.  If you opt for the former, please submit the itinerary through mail, email, or facsimile.  Likewise, if you choose the latter, we will notify you of the additional costs. In any case, please give us a lead time of at least 2 weeks to make sure there are no time conflicts.

Blood/Urine Drugs of Abuse (DAU) Analysis

The DAU screen is a qualitative measurement of drugs in a sample. It is a quick way to determine whether or not a person is using or abusing drugs. Below are the most common drugs that people use or abuse. The DAU drug screen is available only as individual testing or a 10 panel DAU.  See below for fees.

Drugs of Abuse Fee Schedule

a. Single Drug Analysis - Fees for Urine Specimen ONLY
Drug Fee Drug Fee
Amphetamines $175.00 Heroin $195.00
Benzodiazepines $225.00 Flunitrazepam (Roypnol) $175.00
Cocaine $215.00 Meperidine $165.00
Fentanyl $285.00 Opiates (Codiene, Morphine, Heroin, Oxycodone) $245.00
Gammahydroxybutyrate (GHB) $235.00 Oxycodone $185.00

b. Multiple Drug Analysis - price per sample

1. 5 Panel DAU (any 5 drugs above) - $550.00 (urine), $625.00 (blood)
2. 7 Panel DAU (any 7 drugs above) - $625.00 (urine), $740.00 (blood)

3. All Ten Drugs (10 Panel DAU) above list - $885.00 (urine), $945.00 (blood)

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