Forensic Toxicology

Purity/Qualitative Substance Analysis

1. Cannabinoids (Marijuana) - $485.00 per sample
2. Cocaine - $475.00 per sample
3. Metamphetamines/Amphetamines - $395.00 per sample
4. Diacetylmorphine (Heroin) - $435.00 per sample
5. Other DEA Controlled Substances - from $285 - $435.00 per sample

Equipment Handling and Travel Fees


Columbus, Ohio - $175.00
Within 60 miles of Columbus, OH - $335.00
Within 120 miles of Columbus, OH - $435.00
Within 200 miles of Columbus, OH - $635.00
> 200 miles; Flight maybe required.  TBD.  Call us at 614-459-2307 to discuss various options. 



Option 1 - Fixed; $3500.00 per day in our facility.  Additional costs for travel, fees, car, hotel if travelling is required.

Option 2 - Variable; $2500.00 (non-prorated) for the first hour, $500.00 per additional hour. Additional costs for travel, fees, car, hotel if travelling is required.

This variation depend on the complexity and type of case.  For out of town deposition, travel fee, lodging if necessary charge will also vary depending on location.  To save cost, you may arrange for our travel and lodging.  Otherwise, we could do it for you.  If the latter is chosen, the fee will be the cost of flight and/or lodging + 15 % of the total cost of flight and/or lodging.  

Legal Expert Witness

A legal expert witness is also available for most cases. Please contact our lab for  consultation with one of our field experts. The case, fees, travel  expense, etc. will be discussed, and arrangement can be made to accommodate these needs. 


Court Appearance - $2500.00-$4500.00 (rate depends on case) per dayTravel, Food and Lodging - Please contact our lab to discuss the fees.  Rates will vary depending on location.

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