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Substance Identification
Known and Unknown Substance

Substance identification is a vital task whereby an unknown substance (i.e., pill, capsule, food, drinks, etc.) requires immediate identification. This process is ideal when the substance of interest poses any threat to one's life, when there is insufficient data to determine the actual substance, or to satisfy one's curiosity.   NON-FORENSIC OR LEGAL ANALYSIS.  THIS TEST IS INTENDED TO SATISFY YOUR CURIOSITY ABOUT THE QUESTIONABLE DRUG, A FOUND WHITE POWDER OR PILL, ETC.

Specimen Requirements:

The unknown substance to be identified can be in a
liquid, or solid form. We will attempt to identify any substance provided.

Liquid: at least 1.0 ml min.
Solid: at least 100 mg min.

Note: : If the substance is in a liquid form, refrigerate immediately to prevent biological activity from occurring.

Methodology: :

Gas Chromatography, Gas Chromatography Mass/Spectrometry, Thin Layer Chromatography

Drugs and/or Substances Detected:

Profile 1 - Pharmaceutical/DEA Controlled Drugs (e.g. Aspirin, Tylenol, Prozac, Valium, etc.),  Includes drugs from Profile 2.  This is ideal if you don't know or perhaps suspect the type of drug.  NOTE: Qualitative Analysis ONLY (Non-detected or Positive results).

Price - $475.00 per sample  Order Now

NOTE: This is a Qualitative Analysis ONLY (Identity of the compound).  If you want to know the concentration of the compound(s), after it has been determine there will be an extra charge of $125.00 per compound.

Additional Testing - Quantitative Analysis

a. Single Drug - $135.00 Order Now
b. Multiple Drugs (3 or more) - $325.00  Order Now

Profile 2 - Ten Drugs; Unknown or Suspected

        Amphetamines                          LSD
        Barbiturates                               Meperidine  
        Benzodiazepines                      Opiates
        Cannabinoids (Marijuana)       Propoxyphene
        Cocaine                                     Ecstasy (MDMA)  

FEE  - $285.00 per sample

            Order Now

Profile 3 - Chemical/Poisonous Compound (e.g. Cyanide, Bleach, Arsenic, etc.)
NOTE: Qualitative Analysis ONLY (Non-detected or Positive results)

- $445.00
            Order Now

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