Substance Identification of Drugs, Steroids, Poisons

Substance Identification

     Substance identification is basically trying to determine what type of substance, whether it be a drug, steroid, common household chemical, antifreeze, and others. This is important if you find some white powder in your kid's bag, the drink you had made you sick, you discovered a variety of pills and tablets in your house, and much more, and you are curious or perhaps confirm your suspicions on what you have found.
     The following will explain the process of identifying a substance that can be solid, liquid, pill form, vegetative (plant), cosmetics, sodas, foods, cake, and others.

     In identifying the substance from a pill, solid, liquid, etc. below are options that you can choose from.

A. Submitting your sample(s) for Testing

1. Select from one or more of the Testing Options below and the following page.

2. Order the test(s)

Click on "
Order Now" button.  This will take you to another page to order the test.  After you place your order(s), go to Secure Checkout and enter information  .If paying by credit card, continue with Online Order.  If paying by cash, check or money order, select Offline Order, print after you completed filling the form and send it along with your payment, and sample(s) to be tested.

3. Place your sample(s) in a clean, moisture free container such as a ziplock bag, old medicine container, envelope, etc.  If you have more than one sample, make sure that they are placed in separate containers.

B. Testing Options/Category

There are several options to determine what your sample may contain.  Select one or more from the list below.

a. Option 1 - Comprehensive Drug Analysis
- Fee; $525.00 per sample 
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This will tests for over the counter drugs such as aspirin, tylenol, others, prescribed drugs such as Amitriptyline, Prozac, etc., and Illicit drugs such as Cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, etc..  Over 150 drugs will be tested.

b. Option 2 - Steroid Analysis -
Fee - $685.00 per sample  
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If you suspect that the pill, or whatever material you might have is a steroid, then this would be the ideal choice for confirming your suspicions.

c. Option 3 - Synthetic Cannabinoids Analysis; Fee - $575.00 per sample    
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These are Synthetic Cannabinoids or Marijuana that are created in a laboratory, as compared to the more natural marijuana from plants (Cannabis sativa).

d. Option 4 - Poisonous Compounds - Fee - $475.00 per sample   
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This will tests for common household chemicals such as bleach, rat poisoning (Warfarin), Cyanide, Antifreeze, etc.

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