Substance Identification

Option 5.  Drug Verification - Individual Drug (e.g. Viagra, Claritin, Clonidine, etc.; most common drugs only), Anabolic, or Corticosteroids.
Known.  You must indicate the type of drug.

See Drug Analysis List or Steroid List for compound(s) that we can test.

This is ideal for testing a drug that is questionable, because it has little or no effect, or it maybe that it is not correct drug, usually purchased on an online pharmacy or other non reputable pharmacy outlets, or possibly a drug from a bad batch from a reputable pharmaceutical company.


 a. For Qualitative Analysis - $175.00 per pill, tablet, other forms, per drug type.  This will give you a negative or positive results only.

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 b. For Quantitative Analysis - $285.00 per pill, tablet, other forms, per drug type.  This will give you a the identity and the value in percentage or concentration of the drug(s).

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Expedited/Stat Fee - $125.00 per sample - Order Now

Fabric Analysis for Semen; Infidelity/Suspected Rape

Suspect infidelity from your lover or your partner, ease your worry and get it analyze for the absence or presence of semen in a fabric (i.e. pants, shirts, underwear, etc.).  This is also ideal in a suspected rape case.

Fee - $485.00 

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We will attempt to detect the substances to the best of our capabilities and expertise. Please provide us with as much information as you can about the substance that requires identification. This will help us tremendously by running the appropriate method to properly identify the substance. However, if the information about the substance is unavailable, we will proceed with the task using our best abilities and knowledge to accomplish our goal.

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