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Revised: January 08, 2010
  Hair analysis for drugs offers an alternative to the drugs of abuse analysis in urine sample. For longer detection periods of one month or more, hair is the ideal specimen. 

Because hair grows on average length of 1.0 - 1.5 cm (slightly less than 1.0 inch) per month, drugs can be detected depending on the length of hair (see Figure 1). To put it simply, 1.0 cm of hair = 1 month detection time for drug(s). This is useful especially if drugs were suspected of being used or abused at a longer period of time. See Figure 1.

Figure 1 Hair detection period with varying hair length. 
Drug detection period is proportional to hair length


Prices are per sample or one sample.  Discounts may apply to larger volumes.  Please contact us for information.


Drug Type

Item #


Order Now

Ethanol (Alcohol)  HETOH79   $295.00  













Cannabinoids (Marijuana)








Ecstasy (MDMA)




Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol)




Gammahydroxybutyrate (GHB)












Opiates (Codiene, Morphine, Heroin)












 Multiple Drug Tests




 5 Panel DAU (Any Drugs from above)




 7 Panel DAU (Any Drugs from above)




 12 Panel DAU (All Drugs from above)








Anabolic Steroids Hair Analysis HANAST757 $625.00  
(Qualitative ONLY)
Poisonous Compound Hair Analysis HPO462 $650.00  
(Qualitative ONLY)      


Hair Specimen Collection Procedure

First, determine how far back in time (months) you like to know drug use or abuse.  Remember 1.0 cm or slightly less than 1/2 in. is equal to 1 month detection time.  Once you have decided in the time frame for drug detection, you can proceed with collecting the hair sample.  To do this, grab several strands (50-80) of hair on the scalp.    The number of strands of hair vary depending on the number of drug(s) that need analyzed.  In general, 50-80 strands of hair is ideal for 1-3 drug(s) analysis.  If you are not certain as to whether or not the hair volume is enough to do the analysis, please call our lab at 614-459-2307 or e-mail staydrugfree@toxassociates.com.   Cut the hair with a scissors as close to the scalp as possible.  It is not necessary to pull the hair out.  Wrap a rubber band or a tape around the hair, whose end is closes to the scalp.   Place the hair in a labeled container, and submit the specimen along with a completely filled Chain of Custody/Drug Consent Release Form to our laboratory.

Other Areas in the Body Where Hair can be collected

If head hair is not available or insufficient length to determine drug use on a certain period of time, hair can be collected somewhere else in the body.  These include armpit, eyebrow, facial, etc.  Note that various sites of hair growth in the body will have varying growth rate.  Table 2 shows different areas of the body that hair grows with its corresponding growth rate.


Table 2




Area of Body

Growth Rate (Daily)

Growth Rate (Monthly)

Equivalent Time of Detection per month

Coarse Body Hair


8.10 mm or 0.81 cm


Eye Brows


4.5 mm or 0.45 cm


Mustache (Beards, Whiskers)


12 mm or 0.12 cm




6.0 mm  or 0.60 cm


Head Hair

0.33 (mm/day)

10 mm or 1.0 cm




9.0 mm or 0.9 cm



As an example, if the required time of detection period is 6.0 months and the head hair is only 4.0 cm that is equivalent to approximately 4.0 months of drug detection period.  However, if the same length of hair is obtained from other area of the body such as the pubic region, drug detection period would be roughly 6.7 months (4.0 cm  x 1.0 month/0.60 cm).

Turn-Around Time

5-14 business days upon arrival of specimen in our lab.   Time variations depend on     the number or drug analysis requested.

Reporting of Lab Results

Confidentially, results will only be reported to the authorized individual.  Please indicate how you would like us to report the results (verbal, faxed, and/or written mailed report).

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Hair Analysis for
Anabolic Steroids, Drugs, Poisons