Thank you for visiting our website.  For over 27 years we have provided excellent toxicological services of alcohol and drug testing, alcohol testing, for cocaine, marijuana, GHB, Rohypnol and others, legal analysis, substance identification, hair analysis, forensic toxicology,  and much more to hospitals, physicians, lawyers, businesses, and many others. Additionally, we offer analytical services of steroid, DNA paternity, employment or pre-employment, and other services to corporate, institutions, individuals, and organizations. 

The importance of analyzing through drug testing, alcohol testing, legal analysis, or other forms of any substances to identify its identity as well as its quantity is a valuable information in administering proper treatment to patients in clinical settings, or to verify the validity of any laboratory results in any legal issues.  Our goal is to provide the analytical services relative to toxicology or pharmacology in a timely fashion, and high confidence with the results 

Because new drugs or designer drugs are being developed at a rapid rate, we try to keep up with the current or latest concoction of these compounds by also developing drug testing methodology and informing our clients with what's new in the world of analytical toxicology.

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