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sociates, Inc. was established in 1978 by Daniel Couri, Ph.D. (Professor
of Pharmacology and Director of Toxicology at The Ohio State University, College of Medicine). As the first toxicology lab, we specialize in drug screen services of the highest quality to the medical community in Central Ohio, and other areas. Services are provided on an Emergency (STAT) or routine basis for Drugs of Abuse Screening, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Drug Screen Confirmations, Substance Identification, and other toxicological testing. In addition to the individual tests and screens offered in this brochure, Toxicology Associates, Inc. is capable of performing a wide variety of other testing. Our staff is willing to develop proc

Hair Analysis for Drugs

For longer detection time for drugs of abuse, the hair analysis for drugs offer an alternative to urine drugs of abuse screen, where detection of drugs are usually limited between 1 – 7 days.  See Hair Analysis for Drugs for more info.

Substance Identification 

Did you find some powdery or liquid substance, and are curious of what it is, or perhaps confirm your suspicion of what you might think it is.  Put your mind at ease, and let us help you with finding out what it is; get substance identification done today.

“Date Rape” Drug Test 

“Date Rape” is becoming more and more common these days.  It usually occurs amongst people who know each other.  Don’t let them get away with this criminalistic act.  But do act fast, and get yourself tested right away.

edures for your routine, experimental, or research samples. All toxicology and clinical services are provided to any medical, academic, or industrial institution

Wide Menu of Testing

At Toxicology Associates, Inc, over the years we've amass numerous analytical methods that enabled us to offer
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various toxicological services of alcohol and drug testing, alcohol testing, for cocaine, marijuana, GHB, Rohypnol and others, legal analysis, substance identification, hair analysis, forensic toxicology,  and much more to hospitals, physicians, lawyers, businesses, and many others. Additionally, we offer analytical services of steroid, DNA paternity, employment or pre-employment, and other services to corporate, institutions, individuals, and organizations.  Currently, we have the capability of analyzing over 200 different drugs from Acetaminophen all the way to Zantac.

Keeping Up With The Latest In The World of Drugs

Because new drugs or designer drugs are being developed at a rapid rate, we try to keep up with the current or latest concoction of these compounds by also developing drug testing methodology and informing our clients with what's new in the world of analytical toxicology.

Call us today, and let us help you with your testing needs

Toxicology Associates, Inc. is also available for consultation (additional fee where applicable, non-clients only) whenever needed. Our well-informed staff will use their personal knowledge as well as any number of our references to answer any questions that may arise. If a particular test is not listed in our brochure please feel free to call us anytime. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Our laboratory is available for emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for your convenience

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