Substance Identification

Substance identification is a vital task whereby an unknown substance (i.e., pill, capsule, etc.) requires immediate identification. This process is ideal when the substance of interest poses any threat to one's life, when there is insufficient data to determine the actual substance, or to satisfy one's curiosity.   NON-FORENSIC OR LEGAL ANALYSIS.

Specimen Requirements:

The unknown substance to be identified can be in a
liquid, or solid form. We will attempt to identify any substance provided.

Liquid: at least 1.0 ml min.
Solid: at least 100 mg min.

Note: : If the substance is in a liquid form, refrigerate immediately to prevent biological activity from occurring.


Gas Chromatography, Gas Chromatography Mass/Spectrometry, Thin Layer Chromatography

Drugs and/or Substances Detected:

Profile 1 - Pharmaceutical/DEA Controlled Drugs (e.g. Aspirin, Tylenol, Prozac, Valium, etc.),  Includes drugs from Profile 2.  This is ideal if you don't know or perhaps suspect the type of drug.

        Price - $475.00 per sample
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Profile 2 - Ten Drugs; Unknown or Suspect

        Amphetamines                          LSD
        Barbiturates                               Meperidine  
        Benzodiazepines                      Opiates
        Cannabinoids (Marijuana)       Propoxyphene
        Cocaine                                     Ecstasy (MDMA)  

        FEE  - $185.00 per sample

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Profile 3 - Chemical/Poisonous Compound (e.g. Cyanide, Bleach, Arsenic, etc.)

        FEE - $445.00
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Profile 4 - Individual Drug (e.g. Viagra, Claritin, Clonidine, etc.). Known.  You must indicate the type of drug.

This is ideal for testing a drug that is questionable, because it has little or no effect, or it maybe that it is not correct drug, usually purchased on an online pharmacy or other non reputable pharmacy outlets, or possibly a drug from a bad batch from a reputable pharmaceutical company.

NOTE: Non-steroidal drugs ONLY.  For steroid drug analysis, see anabolic steroid testing.


     a. For Qualitative Analysis - $135.00 per pill, tablet, other forms, per drug        type.  This will give you a negative or positive results only.

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     b. For Quantiative Analysis - $225.00 per pill, tablet, other forms, per drug type.  This will give you a value in percentage or in concentration.

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Fabric Analysis for Semen; Infidelity/Suspected Rape

Suspect infidelity from your lover or your partner, ease your worry and get it analyze for the absence or presence of semen in a fabric (i.e. pants, shirts, underwear, etc.).  This is also ideal in a suspected rape case.

Fee - $350.00  

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We will attempt to detect the substances to the best of our capabilities and expertise. Please provide us with as much information as you can about the substance that requires identification. This will help us tremendously by running the appropriate method to properly identify the substance. However, if the information about the substance is unavailable, we will proceed with the task using our best abilities and knowledge to accomplish our goal.

 How To Submit The Sample to our lab for testing

1. Select the test you want from the above list.

2. Fill out form below

Specimen Collection:

Please provide the following information:

Zip Code
Phone #
Fax #
Date and time sample collected (approximation is fine)  
How do want the results reported
Other Notes

3. Submit your sample to our lab - place sample in a zip lock bag or other suitable clean containers.
Label bag or container.  If paying by check or money order, please issue to Toxicology Associates, Inc.,
and submit it along with the samples

Turn-Around Time
Stats: 2-6 hrs.
Routine: 24-72 hrs.

This will vary depending on the type of substance that needs to be identified.

Stat Fee  

Extra charge for any materials required to accurately determine the unknown substance. We will notify you of any required materials, before work is done.



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