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Hair Drugs of Abuse Analysis : 

Amphetamines Hair Drug Analysis - Forensic/Non-Forensic

Amphetamines often called as "uppers" or stimulant, because it causes one to be highly alert by releasing epinephrine
SKU Number: HAMP58
Price:   $225.00 


Barbiturates Hair Analysis - Forensic/Non-Forensic Analysis

Barbiturates are a class of drug that includes Pentobarbital, Butalbital, Phenobarbital, just to name a few. It is generally used as an anesthetic in surgery and other medical usage (i.e. trauman, etc.)
SKU Number: HBARB168
Price:   $235.00 


Benzodiazepines Hair Analysis - Forensic/Non-Forensic

The most popular type of Benzodiazepine is Valium (Diazepam) use to help people who have trouble sleeping and other causes, mental or physiological. Benzodiazepines are nerve calming drugs in most cases often prescribe to those who experience "panic attacks", agitation, uneasiness, etc.
SKU Number: HBDZ242
Price:   $245.00 


Cannabinoids (Marijuana) Hair Analysis

Marijuana, the most popular recreational drug today and in the past few years since its inception can be detected in hair as an alternative to urine marijuana screen.
SKU Number: HTHC371
Price:   $315.00 


Cocaine Drug Hair Analysis - Forensic/Non-Forensic

Cocaine, a naturally occuring drug from the plant Erythroxylum coca. However, it can also be manufactured synthetically. It is mainly used as a local anesthetic during surgery. Unfortunately, it has a potential to be abuse.
SKU Number: HCOC182
Price:   $335.00 


Ecstasy (MDA/MDMA) Hair Analysis - Forensic/Non-Forensic

Ecstasy, a stimulant/hallucinogenic drug in high concentrations is one of the most popular "club drug" today.
SKU Number: HMDA57
Price:   $275.00 


Methadone Hair Analysis- Forensic/Non-Forensic

Methadone a narcotic analgesic is sometimes use to treat Heroin addiction
SKU Number: HMED72
Price:   $285.00 


Opiates Hair Analysis - Forensic/Non-Forensic

Opiates are narcotic analgesic that includes Codeine, Morphine, Heroin. These are naturally derived medication from opium.
SKU Number: HM3G185
Price:   $320.00 


Multiple Hair Analysis 5 Panel HDAU - Forensic/Non-Forensic

5 Panel DAU Hair Analysis (Select an Option for the 5 drugs that you want tested)
SKU Number: HDAU05
Price:   $475.00 
Select 5 Drugs That You Want Tested  


Multiple Hair Drug Analysis 7 Panel HDAU - Forensic/Non-Forensic

7 Panel Date Rape Hair Analysis (Ecstasy, Ketamine, GHB, Flunitrazepam;Rohypnol, Benzodiazepines, Marijuana, Opiates)
Price:   $575.00 

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