Welcome to Toxicology Associates, Inc. Consultation Section. This is intended mainly for providing you with further information for a specific interest. We will try to furnish all the information as accurate and quick as possible.

Consultation fee vary depending on length of time. Payment method for  can be made by check, credit card, and money order.   Personal check will require 5-7 days for clearance.   Please go to our Store to order your consultation. 


A. Fax, or E-mail information - Order Now

            $50.00 per question.  Please submit your question(s) in the form provided.


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B. In Person Consultation (by phone) - Order Now
$125.00 per question.  Maximum time of 30 mins. 

C. Legal Consultation - Order Nowr O
  $250.00 per question per case.  Any matter that is legal in nature or has legal implication.

Response to your questionnaire(s) depend on the its complexity and method of payment.  As soon as we receive your payment and the check clears (if paying by personal check) we will contact you appropriately and provide answers to your question(s) in a timely fashion.   However, if further research is required to properly answer a specific question, we will notify you as such.   Extra charge in this case may be required.


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