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Revised: June 13, 2012
The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that 70% of all drug abusers in the United States are employed. We at Toxicology Associates, Inc. would like to commend you for your efforts in fighting America's drug problem by implementing a substance abuse program in your company that includes pre-employment and/or random drug testing. Drug testing is a wise business strategy which sends the message to all employees, future and present, that you are serious about fighting drug abuse and will not tolerate it in the workplace

Pre-employment Drug Screening

The pre-employment drug test is designed to eliminate substance-abusing job candidates from the pool of prospective employees. The mere fact that you require drug testing may discourage substance abusers from pursuing a position with your company. In addition, the Department of Transportation requires that employees in safety-sensitive positions be drug tested. By eliminating substance abusers from your company before they ever actually enter the workplace, you are protecting yourself from the dangers and hassles a drug-abusing employee presents.

Random Urine Drug Screen

Random drug screening is designed to discourage substance abuse among employees. This type of drug screening is most effective when accompanied by a clearly written drug abuse policy. Employees who know they may be tested for drugs are less likely to experiment with drugs of abuse, and employees with drug problems are more likely to seek help if they know their job is in jeopardy.

Implementing a Drug Testing Policy in your workplace

You can design a drug testing policy that satisfies not only your company's interest, but as well as the interest of your clients. Additionally, a drug testing program would also meet the requirements of various agencies such as the Bureau of Workers Compensation, etc.

In implementing a drug testing policy, suggestively, you can outline this by indicating the importance of drug testing, random drug testing, disciplinary action if positive for a drug test, etc. We would be glad to provide you with a pamphlet that describes further how to implement and enforce a drug testing policy.

Benefits of Drug Testing Policy in a workplace

Employers who routinely use a pre-employment and random drug testing report;

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