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Revised: June 29, 2012
As you may have heard on the news, tv, etc., the small country of Haiti about 600 miles southeast of Florida was struck by a large magnitude of earthquake on January 12, 2010.  Many lives have perished and thousands more are without homes or in need of critical health care. 

The destructive force an earthquake or other natural calamities, one can only imagine the frightening, melancholy feeling, and the emotional and physical stress that are experienced.  But through all this, there is also a sense of unity and heart felt care as people from different nations come together to offer solace and comfort.

If you would want to help out the people in Haiti, please visit www.crs.org.  CRS or Catholic Relief Services is an organization that was established to offer assistance in times of trouble of natural occurring forces (i.e, storms, earthquakes, etc.) that can be devastating, and other needs.

They will accept any forms of donations that are greatly appreciated.

At Toxicology Associates, Inc., our heart felt gratitude for your kindness and generosity.


Helping Haiti In Times of Trouble