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Herbal Incense (Vegetative or Non-Vegetative)
Product Certificate of Analysis

Herbal Incense or Oil Form Product Certification

     The popularity of sales of herbal incense products that may or may not contain synthetic cannabinoids (i.e. JWH-019, JWH-200, etc.) prompted lawmakers to propose and enact legislation banning the use of some, if not all of known synthetic cannabinoids.
     To comply with laws and regulation, and some that are created and pass immediately an herbal incense analysis of Regulated or Controlled Substances is imperative. This is an important task to ensure that your product(s) is/are in adherence with current legislation. This will protect you and your organization, and avoid costly litigation and perhaps incarceration.
    To help you with product compliance with State and Federal Laws on Synthetic Cannabs., etc. Toxicology Associates, Inc. is offering on a limited time basis a special pricing on Herbal Incense Analysis. This will put ease on your mind so that you can focus on being successful with your venture, and live a happy and healthy life


The pricing is for one product name, same product with different sub names or flavors, etc. Product Certification is also priced by the number of States that requires compliance.

Types of Analysis—price per sample

Federal/DEA Synthetic Cannabinoids Analysis - $425.00    ORDER NOW
Federal/DEA Synthetic Cannabinoids Analysis - $225.00  (with the order of  General or State Specific Synthetic Cannabinoids Analysis  ORDER NOW
General or State Specific Synthetic Cannabinoids Analysis - $575.00    ORDER NOW

For Multiple State Certificate of Analysis

Product Certification of Herbal Incense, Synthetic Cannabinoids Analysis; Additional State analysis (2 or more States). Please indicated the State(s) that you want your product to be certified. NOTE: This is for additional States ONLY. You must order the initial test for ONE State. For example, if you want to certify your product for Kentucky, the cost is $575.00 per sample. Also, you want a certification for Texas and Virginia the cost is $285.00 per State per sample..   ORDER NOW

Sample Collection/Handling

     1. Download Chain of Custody form   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

           Fill out form completely, and submit it along with your sample for testing

Turn-around time/Results Reporting

     - Routine (regular) time reporting; within 5-7 business days

     - Stat/Expedited Results; Usually SAME DAY, but no more than 24 hours.  Extra charge of $125.00 per sample 

List of State for Herbal Incense Product Certification

States that Regulates Synthetic Cannabinoids, and other Substances as of April 2012. Please check with your current State Laws as this changes constantly as to what substances are approved or banned.  NOTE: Updates to follow for year 2016.

Alabama - SB 208
Arkansas - SB 423
California - SB 423
Colorado - SB 134
Delaware - HB 30
Florida - HB 1175
Georgia - HB 360
Illinois - HB 2595/HB 2089
Indiana - HB 1102/HB 1196
Iowa - SB 510
Kansas - HB 2049
Kentucky - HB 481
Louisiana - HB 12
Michigan - HB 6038Minnesota - HB 57
Mississippi - HB 1205
MIssouri - SB 8871
North Carolina - SB 7
Oklahoma - SB 919, HB 3241
Ohio - HB 64
Pennsylvania - SB 1006
Rhode Island - HB 7496
South Carolina - HB 3793
Tennesse - HB 1889
UTAh - HB 254
Virginia - HB 508, SB 273
West Virginia - HB 2505
Wisconsin - SB 54
Wyoming - SB 28



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