Saliva Drug Testing 

We have compiled a special drug testing procedure for NON-CORPORATE, NON-ORGANIZATION, AND NON- INSTITUTE ACCOUNT ONLY.   The individual drug testing is available to anyone concerned about drugs in their system so that they can stay clean and live a healthy life. Additionally, individual drug screening is a great tool for parents who suspect that their children may be using or abusing drugs. Because behavioral observation may not be reliable at all times, drug testing confirms your suspicion and avoid false accusation.

Catch the problem before it’s too late!!!

What will be tested:

We will test for the most common drugs that are use and abuse today. These include the following.

Drugs of Abuse (DAU) list:


Available Test and Drug Panels

Drug Test

Item # Price
Alcohol (Ethanol) INETOH $45.00
Alprazolam (Xanax)    
Amphetamines INAMPHET $40.00
Barbiturates INBARB $42.00
Benzodiazepines INBDZ $48.00
Buprenorphine (Buprenex®, Suboxone®, Subutex®)    
Cannabinoids (Marijuana) INCANNAB $65.00
Cocaine INCOCAINE $62.00
Hydrocodone (Vicodin)    
Hydromorphone (Dilaudid)    
Methadone INMED $62.00
Meperidine (Demerol) INMPN $62.00
Methylphenidate (Ritalin) INMPHDAT  
Opiates INOPIATE $64.00
PCP INPCP $59.00
Propoxyphene INPROP $55.00
LSD INLSD $68.00
2 Panel DAU
(Cannabinoids, Cocaine)
IN2PDAU $75.00
5 Panel DAU
(Any Five Drugs from the list)
IN5PDAU $97.00
7 Panel DAU
(Any 7 drugs from the list)
IN7PDAU $135.00
10 Panel DAU
(Any 10 drugs from the list)
IN10PDAU $165.00

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AlphaTox method. This is highly accurate and effective against adulterants that gives a false negative result.


        Any positive result(s) is automatically confirmed by GC/MS.


        To order a drug test, please go to the Ordering section.

Specimen Collection:

Upon receipt of payment, the sample collection kit (free of charge) will be sent to the appropriate party requesting a drug test.  The number of sample collection kit depend on the number of drug test(s) needed.  For example, if you pay for one drug test one sample collection kit will be sent.  If you have an urgent need for test results, you may use any clean container to collect urine.   Submit this overnight for best results.  Work can begin immediately upon arrival of specimen if the payment is in the form of credit card, cash, or money order.

The sample collection material consist of large urine cup with a temperature indicator on the bottom of the cup, 2 sealed small urine container, and a sealable plastic bag. A "Chain of Custody/Drug Consent Release" form will be included or click on the hyperlink to print the form. Visually inspect the material for any evidence of tampering, physical damage, etc. If the material checks ok you can proceed with sample collection.

Using the large urine container fill it up with urine about half way from the top. Note the temperature on the bottom of the urine cup. This must be read within 4 mins. Temperature must be >= 90 oF. If below 90 oF substance (i.e. water, salt, etc.) was added to the urine. Thus, urine is not acceptable. Another urine must be obtained.

Reporting of Results

To maintain confidentiality, results will be reported only to the appropriate authority. Please indicate how the results should be  reported ( verbally, e-mail, faxed, or a mailed written report).




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