Influenza Home Test Kits

 Influenza commonly know as the "FLU" is the one of the most debilitating disease that is contracted through air droplets.  This can be acquired through direct exposure with an infected individual or by inhalation of a flu contaminated air expelled by an infected person. 

Influenza is a virus that requires, as all virus do a host to survive.  These include insects, animals, bacteria. humans, plants, and other living organisms.  The route of entry in humans is usually in the respiratory system (i.e. nasal, lungs, bronchioles). 

There are three types of influenza virus.  The most common type is influenza A virus which is associated with the most serious epidemic outbreaks.  The milder form of influenza is influenza b virus, type C influenza virus is a less serious form and rarely occurs.  Both Influenza A and B circulate simultaneously, however, one type of influenza is dominant in one season.

Influenza is characterized by the sudden onset of a fever, with temperatures abruptly reaching 102-104 oF approximately 1 to 3 days after the actual exposure, and infection. The disease is further characterized by malaise, headache, and muscle ache.   In uncomplicated cases of influenza, the viral infection is self-limiting and recovery occurs within a week.  However, influenza can lead to complications, such as secondary bacterial infection, causing pneumonia.  Complications associated with influenza infections are prevalent among the elderly and individuals with compromised host defense responses.  Such individuals should be immunized against the prevalent strain of influenza virus prior to the outbreak of influenza epidemics because complications can result in death.

In order to determine if you're infected with the flu virus, an influenza screen is imperative.  An early detection of the flu virus can help with counteracting the spread of the disease by administering treatment immediately.

The influenza home test kit is available today for you to test yourself for the absence or presence of the flu virus.  Keep you and your loved ones healthy by practicing preventive medicine.

The Influenza Home Test Kit - Get it NOW at Toxicology Associates, Inc.

  • FDA Approved
  • Quick and Simple to use
  • Results within 10 mins.
  • Accuracy between 84 % - 92 % if done correctly
  • Capable of detecting 50 human strains (37 type A and 17 type B) flu viruses. 


Influenza Home Test Kits (3 Kits) - $105.00 - Product # INF477

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  1. Prepare Reagent
2. Placed Nasal swabbed cotton in  test tube.  Swirl cotton swab 3 times 3. Place test strip in test tube.  Wait 10 mins.
4. Read Results

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