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Revised: June 29, 2012
Forensic toxicology is an important tool to a lawyer that provides an opportunity to determine the identity and/or quantity of an alleged substance, or perhaps verify that the found substance is accurate, and a true representation of their findings. 

Process of Having An Analyzed substance re-analyze

1. Court Order Issuance - A court order to issue an independent laboratory analysis of a disputed result or result verification  from the original sample must be requested by the defending attorney.  This should outline the defendants name, case number, the sample(s) with its accompanying number if available, the analyzing laboratory, etc.  Once in place, the court order document can be submitted to our laboratory through mail at Toxicology Associates, Inc., 999 Bethel Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43214, facsimile at  614-442-0578, or through email at staydrugfree@toxassociates.com.

2. Specimen (Evidence) Transport - The contact person and their phone number having custody of the evidence must also be made available to us.  We will contact the agency to coordinate the transport of the evidence of interest to our lab.   It is the agency's discretion as to how they wished to have the evidence transported.  This can be done personally, overnight delivery through FedEx, for example, or delivery through one of our personnel or couriers.  Imperatively, a chain of custody will be maintained at all times.  Also, we will be required to produce our current US Dept. of Justice DEA License and/or Ohio Board of Pharmacy License.

3. Payment - We would require payment in full in the forms of cash, check, credit card, or money order before service is rendered.  For court appointed cases , please have the approved funds indicated on the court order.  At this time we will accept payments, after the case is completed.  If the court can make payments before the case is completed, we are more than appreciative.  If there are any forms for us to  fill out in order to process payments, please submit it via email at staydrugfree@toxassociates.com or fax to 614-442-0578.

4.  Analysis and Reporting of Results - Analysis of a sample(s) is highly technical and requires highly trained personnel to run the test.  Additionally, the latest scientific instruments such as the Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) assures highest quality lab results at all times.

Lab results turn-around time - Test results are available within 24-72 hours in most cases.  Hair and DNA analysis require longer times.

All specimens submitted for legal analysis must be accompanied by a completed requisition form and a chain of custody. The test request form should be completed with patient's or subject's full name or identification number, sample identification number, date and time of specimen collection, and requesting party name, address and telephone number. Specimens must be clearly labeled with the subject's name or I.D. number. We will not accept specimens without a complete chain of custody (from time of draw to delivery at Toxicology Associates), or specimens without proper seals, labeling, and appropriate information. Results will not be reported to anyone other than the specified personnel.


If the case is in a state other than Ohio, the sample(s) can still re-analyzed.  This is true especially if the found substance identity (i.e. Cocaine, Marijuana, etc.) needs to be verified.  Thus, a Qualitative (identification) re-analysis of a substance(s) for the most part would be helpful.  The organization/institution or perhaps the prosecuting attorney will agree to have a portion if not all of the sample evidence be submitted for re-analysis.  If it is agreed that a portion of the sample evidence can be submitted for testing, the following are specimen requirements.

a. Identification/Qualitative Analysis - see below for prices

    a. Vegetative (i.e. Marijuana, Ergot, etc.) - 0.10 gram min., ideal 1.0 gram
    b. Solid (i.e. crack cocaine, etc.) - 10 mg min., ideal; 0.10 gram
    c. Powder (i.e. cocaine, heroin, etc.) - 50 mg, min, ideal; 0.10 gram
    d. Liquid (i.e. blood, serum, urine, etc.) - 0.125 ml whole blood, ideal; 0.50 ml
                                                               5.0 ml min urine
                                                               5.0 ml min other liquids

Place sample in a tightly sealed and secured container, that is also labeled with the subjects name, identifying numbers or codes, and initial of the technician who prepared that aliquot (portioning of the sample(s).

Submit the sample(s) along with a chain of custody form to our laboratory at Toxicology Associates, Inc., 999 Bethel Road, Columbus, OH 43214.

b. Re-Weighing of Evidence Sample(s) - see below for prices

If the evidence needs to be re-weighed for verification, challenge, etc. it could also be done, in which we will have to travel to have it weighed.  As for flight reservation, car rental, etc. these can be done either by your organization,  or we can do it for you.  If you opt for the former, please submit the itinerary through mail, email, or facsimile.  Likewise, if you choose the latter, we will notify you of the additional costs. In any case, please give us a lead time of at least 2 weeks to make sure there are no time conflicts.

Legal Urine Drugs of Abuse (DAU) Analysis

The DAU screen is a qualitative measurement of drugs in a sample. It is a quick way to determine whether or not a person is using or abusing drugs. Below are the most common drugs that people use or abuse. The DAU drug screen is available only as individual testing or a 10 panel DAU.  See below for fees.

Drugs of Abuse Fee Schedule (per sample)











Meperidine (Demerol)


Benzodiazepines (i.e. Valium)


Opiates (Codeine, Morphine)


Cannabinoids (Marijuana)


Phencyclidine (PCP)




Propoxyphene (Darvon)


Multiple Drug Analysis

a. 5 Panel DAU (any 5 drugs from above) - $410.00 (urine), $475.00 (blood) per sample

b. 7 Panel DAU (any 7 drugs from above) - $575.00 (urine), $640.00 (blood) per sample

c. All Ten Drugs (10 Panel DAU) from the above list - $850.00 (urine), $915.00 (blood) per sample

Specimen Requirements  

Urine: 60 ml random urine (25 ml min). Addition of Sodium Fluoride preservative is required.


by Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) ONLY. This is highly accurate and sensitive. It is the only federally approved form of confirmation.

Legal Alcohol (Ethanol) Analysis

The legal alcohol analysis is ideal for DUI/DWI case or suspected alcohol consumption, whereby alcohol analysis is required that may have legal implications. The specimen of whole blood is usually preferred as this gives the true level of alcohol. Serum may also be used. However, the alcohol level is between 16%-18% higher than whole blood. A urine specimen is also acceptable.

1. Whole Blood: 5 ml whole blood.  Use lavender top tube with Sodium Fluoride (NaF) preservative.

2. Serum or Urine; 3.0 ml serum or 15 ml urine with Sodium Fluoride preservative.

    FEE - $295.00 per sample

Method: Gas Chromatograph Flame-Ionization Detection (GC-FID).

Physical Quantitative Measurement of an  Alleged Confiscated Illegal Substance Analysis

Often times, illegal substance of Cocaine, Marijuana, and others are found during search and seizure or simply through a routine traffic violation stop.  When found, possession of illegal substance(s) carries penalties that range from minor to serious jail time.

To verify that the found substance (i.e. Cocaine, Marijuana) is actually what it was identified and weighed,  a re-analysis and re-weighing is an important task.   In doing this, a qualitative and/or physical weight measurement of the alleged substance can be done.  If the substance has already been identified, physical weight measurement or re-weighing is usually done. 

Fee Schedule 

Physical Weight Measurement

a. Vegetative Substances

    Unit Equivalence
        1 pound = 454 grams
        1 kilogram (kg) = 1000 grams 

 Weight (grams)

Kilograms (kg)

Pounds (lbs.) Fee

 <= 454.0


  1.0 385.00

 455 - 610

 0.455 - 0.610

 1.002 - 1.344


 611 - 745

 0.611 - 0.745

 1.346 - 1.641


 746 - 910

 0.746 - 0.910

 1.643 - 2.004


 911 - 1145

 0.911 - 1.145

 2.006 - 2.522


 1146 - 1500

 1.146 - 1.500

 2.524 - 3.304






 Bulk Weights




5.5 - 10.6 lbs



 285.00 per lb.

10.7 - 22.5 lbs.



 224.50 per lb.

22.6 - 38.4 lbs



 185.00 per lb.

38.5 - 52.0 lbs.     152.00 per lb.
53.0 - 68.5 lbs.     126.00 per lb
69.0 - 92.6 lbs.     101.00 per lab

b. Solid Substances

 Weight (grams)




 < 0.10




 2.90 - 10.0




 10.1 - 24.0




 25.0 - 42.0




 43.0 - 78.0




 79.0 - 117.0




 118.0 142.0




 143.0 - 182.0
















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