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  The products of rapid home test kits include Alcohol Test Kit, Cholesterol Test Kit, Strep A Test Kit, Pregnancy Test Kit, Drug Test Kit, and Glucose Test Kit offered at Toxicology Associates, Inc.  The home test kits are safe and simple to use, inexpensive, highly accurate, and FDA approved.  Above all, you can do the test at your convenience and privacy.   All the products will have a QT mark at the the product description (i.e. Cocaine QT). To view the items, browse at one of the products you’re interested below. When you're ready to order, go to our Ordering Section and you will be given further instructions. You may order online, or off-line. We accept cash, check, money order, or credit card.   FREE SHIPPING (Regular US Mail) anywhere in the United States.   INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ADD BETWEEN   $25.00 - $85.00 (Depending on weight and destination).  We wil notify you of the additionall shipping cost once we receive the order.  OVERNIGHT shipping available at an extra charge.

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A. Alcohol & Drug Quick Test Kits

1. Alcohol (Ethanol) Saliva Test Kit
2. Drugs of Abuse Test Kit

B. Home Clinical Quick Test Kits

1. Pregnancy Test Kit
2. Cholesterol Test Kit

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