Raffle it

With the slowing of the economy, and budget tightening we came up with a solution to help out the economy.  Raffle it allows you to win a price for a fraction of an investment by purchasing a raffle ticket. 

So, get on board, have fun, and win a prize.


1. Purchase a ticket - The cost is $5.00 per ticket.  Click on Buy Ticket Now.

You may purchase a ticket as often as you wish. No limit.

2. After you purchase a ticket, a ticket code corresponding to your name will be submitted through email.  Each ticket you purchase would have a different code.

3. Drawing of Tickets - Draw date is at the end of each month.

Drawing of the ticket will be broadcast through a video.  This will allow you to see the winning numbers. In addition to the winning number, the initials and the city and state of the winner will be viewed.