Strep A Quick Test Kit

Streptococcus A (Group A - beta hemolytic streptococci) is the causative agent for what is commonly called "strep  throat" (pharyngitis, tonsilitis infection).  Find out exactly whether or not you have strep infection with the quick Strep A test kit.

  • Simple to use

  • Throat swab specimen collection form

  • Results with high accuracy in 5 mins.

  • FDA Approved

  • NOTE: Consult your physician about the results          


1. After swabbing the throat with a cotton throat swab, place it in the Swab Chamber 2. Squeeze the reagent bottle to break the contents. 5. Read Results
Positive results.
A line on C & T
Negative Result.
Line on C Only
strep1a.jpg (5837 bytes) strep3.jpg (18139 bytes)
3. Invert the reagent bottle five times. 4. Position the reagent bottle 1-1.5 in perpendicularly above the swab chamber, and fill with liquid.  Wait 5 min.
strep2.jpg (7125 bytes)


Strep A Quick Test Kit QT - Product # STA595  
per test


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Strep A Quick Test Kit
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