Water, the most precious

Commodity on Earth

Getting your water tested is as simple as turning on the faucet to get a drink of water.  What are the most common contaminants that can be found in water?  There are many, but we will focus mainly on the most obvious contaminants such as cyanide, lead, arsenic, and others.


1. Cyanide


This can come from landfills, or environmental contamination from industrial activities that eventually find its way to the drinking water.


2. Lead


Lead is another chemical that is a common contaminant that can originate from pipes, environment, or poor removal of chemicals from the original source.


3. Arsenic


The prevalence of arsenic poisoning can be cause by soil contamination leaching into the ground water system, incomplete removal of harmful chemicals, or arsine which is an inorganic substance from electronic materials contaminating the environment.


4. Ethylene Glycol


A common antifreeze used in the radiators of automobiles, aircraft, etc. that can find its way to contaminate the original source of water supply, underground water source, etc.  Consumption of Ethylene Glycol can lead to build-up of oxalic in the kidneys, rendering it faulty in that it is unable to properly filter the blood of efficiently.


5. Methanol


This organic chemical compound is also a common compound that is used in windshield wiper fluids.  Why is methanol used in fluids; because it has a very low melting point of about 147 oF, an ideal liquid to clean windshield that is resistant to extreme freezing temperatures.


Water Testing Process

If you believe that your drinking water maybe contaminated, or are just curious to see what kind of contaminating substances maybe present in your water, please don't hesitate to get it tested.  It can be a saving grace, a preventative measure that can help ease your mind, and avoid health hazard hassles.


1. Compounds That Are Analyzed


The compounds that are listed above such as cyanide, methanol, etc. will be tested.

2. Pricing

The cost for doing water testing is $65.00 per sample.

3. Submitting Your Samples for Testing

Please click on How to submit your sample for testing.