Win a Price

Welcome to Toxassociates, Inc. Play Game - Win A Price.  This is basically very simple where you play a trivia game, answer all questions correctly and win that price.  If you're up for the challenge, feeling confident, know your stuff, then give it a shot.  You don't have much to lose, but more to gain.  For example, a laptop computer that sells between $800.00 to as much as $2500.00 you can have for a few dollar investment of a membership fee.

How to Play the game.

1. Sign-up - This will ask for information such as name, email address, log-in info, etc.

2. Get a ticket - Click on Buy Ticket below.  You may pay by credit card, check, or money order.  A credit card gives you instant access to the game, whereas check or money order may take a few days.  Once you purchase the ticket, the ticket will have a code or key number that you will use to enter the game site.

3.  Membership Fee - To play the game, just become a member and that's it.  Fees are non-refundable.  So be certain that you want to do this.

a. One Month Fee, 2 games per week maximum- $45.00

b. Three Month Fee, 4 games per week maximum- $65.00

c. Six Month Fee, 7 games per week  maximum- $95.00

d. One Year Fee, 10 games per week maximum - $135.00

4.  Frequency of playing - You may enter as often as you want, however, this is a first come first serve basis.  There maybe several people ahead of you.

5. If you win the item - shipping in several options is the other cost that you have to pay for.  This will be shipped same day if item is won between 9a - 5p EST.  Otherwise, it will shipped the following day except on Fridays after 5p EST.

B.  Play the GAme  - Answer all questions correctly and win price.

a. Browse the item -  A general description of the item, cost, photos, etc.

b. When you're ready - press enter game.  If there is a waiting period, you will be ask if you wish to be place on a waiting list.  If you decide to be placed on a waiting list,

c. Number of Players -  There will be a maximum of ten people that will be allowed to play per game play.   Minimum of three players is required for game to begin.

d. Playing GAme - Answer all questions correctly and win price. 

1. 5 questions in any subject will be ask.  This will be in 3 multiple questions to choose from and must be answered in an allotted time of 10 seconds.

2. Answering a question incorrectly, a player loses automatically, or a player is eliminated from the game.   Remaining player(s) must answer all questions correctly to win price.