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We welcome you for visiting our website.  We can do Poison test, rat poison, cyanide poisoning, drug analysis, date rape drug analysis, and many others.  If you have any materials such as foods, drinks, solids, liquids, fabrics, and other substances that you feel may contain poisonous or harmful substances, get it tested right away. We will guide and help you in choosing the right testing category to properly identify the unknown substance.  

Did your pet (cat, dog, bird, etc.) got sick after eating food or drank a contaminated liquid? Or you suspect your neighbor is throwing treats laced with bad chemicals and throwing it in your backyard, because of some personal vendetta or simply they don't like animals? Worse yet, your pet dies whom has become a great part of your family for many, many years. Find out right now if the substance you suspect has been contaminated with some poisonous chemicals. Click on Poison Analysis
for more information.

Home PoisonTest Kit
for Poisons is now available to those who wants to test their drinks and/or foodstuffs for poisons.  Very simple to use giving results in about 2-8 mins.  Will tests for cyanide, arsenic, heavy metals, and other chemicals. Comes with instructions.  Excellent shelf life of one year at room temperature, as high as 86 oF.

Saliva Alcohol Test Kits Buy Now at $95.00 for a box of 10 kits.  Click on Saliva Alcohol Test Kit below for more info.
Saliva Alcohol Test Kit
Nature and Science

What is Toxicology

The field of Toxicology is a study of how toxins (predominantly chemicals in nature) affects organisms including humans, animals, and plants. In this case, it focuses mainly on human beings after all humans are more inclined to do drugs, medicinally, experimentally, and/or recreational.

Discovery, Benefits-Mankind

Research and Development

Hundreds of drugs are synthesized by pharmaceutical companies, as well as designer drugs are being experimented by many people. We try to keep up with what's going on in the world of drugs by developing new methods of drug detection, as well as learning the latest in street drugs.

Analytical, Essential

What can be tested

There is a wide variety of testing available to properly identify the substance that may have cause you to get sick, or perhaps you found some powder, pill, etc. and would like to know what it is.

Do you need something tested for POISONS?

Did you feel sick such as rapid heart rate, nausea, headache, burning sensation, feeling agitated, and others when you ate some foods, or drank a beer, water, or other liquids?  It could be that your drink or food was contaminated with possibly a chemical, or a microorganism such as E.coli, Salmonella, etc.  You need to act fast and get your drink and/or food, or even yourself tested right away.  Click on POISON TESTING, RIGHT NOW before it's too late. Your health and livelyhood are very important.



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Anabolic Steroids

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Alcohol & Drug Testing

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Bath Salts Testing

Synthetic Cathinone


aka - KAT

Thai plant

Date Rape Drug Test

Club Drug

GHB, Rohypnol

Memory loss

Predator - prey

Poison Testing

Household chems

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Comprehensive Drug Analysis

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Check your health today for thyroid panel (TSH, T3, & T4), lipid panel, glucose, cholesterol, potassium, PSA test for prostate health, and others.

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Getting your health check is fast, simple, no need for a doctor's test order, results sent to you via email.



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