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Forensic Test

Poison Testing Categories or Options - FORENSIC-LEGAL

Materials that can be tested -
Urine, food, drinks, pills, powders, liquids and solid substances

This is the Forensic or Legal Testing of your samples.  It differs from a NON-Foresic testing in that a chain of custody form is required to be filled out, proper sample preparation and handling is important, and a Forensic-Legal Fee is  required.

Instructions or Procedure to have your samples tested in a Forensic-Legal Manner

1. Order Forensic Testing - Fee $175.00  by clicking on --->>   Order Forensic-Legal Fee
2.  Select the tests from below and click on "Add to Cart" button
3. Download the Chain of Custody form
This form is very important in a legal case. This is probably the most highly criticize part of a court proceedings, therefore, has to be done correctly in order for the results to be valid. 

a. Option 1 or Category 1 - Comprehensive Drug Analysis

Drugs can also be considered poisonous, if give in large amount.  This will check for over 150 drugs including prescribed drugs such as Valium, Xanax, etc., illicit drugs such as Cocaine, Amphetamines, etc., and over the counter drugs such as Benadryl, Acetaminophen, etc.
Price - $385.00 per sample

b. Option 2 or Category 2 - "Bath Salts" Testing

"Bath Salts" are cathinones and synthetic cathinones that has similar effects as Amphetamines and Methamphetamines, but more  potent.  It has become a popular substance as a means to get "high", recreationally with easy access in getting the substance.  Some of the symptoms from "Bath Salts" exposure include, alertness, rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, dizzines, headache, arrythmia, hypertension or increase blood pressure. 
Price - $335.00 per sample

c. Option 3 or Category 3 - Chemical Solvent Analysis

This will test for some common chemical solvents that can be purchased in hardware stores, departments stores, etc. These chemicals include benzene, paint thinner, alcohols, gasoline, kerosene, butane (cigarette lighter, propane (grill gas), and others.  Some of the symptoms from exposure to chemical solvents include headaches, dizziness, imbalance or coordination, eye irritation, respiratory irritations, and other symptoms.
Price - $335.00 per sample

d. Option 4 or Category 4 - Poison Testing

We can tests for the most common household chemicals such as bleach, cyanide, antifreeze (engine coolant), rat poison, and many others.  This is the most common option that is selected to find out what substance(s), that someone has been exposed to.  Therefore, it's a good starting point to identify what type of chemicals that you have been exposed and developed symptoms such as rash, numbness, shortness of breath, etc.
Price - $285.00 per sample

e. Option 5 or Category 5 - Microbial Testing

Testing for bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and others, fungus.  Symptoms does become apparent until several hours. 

f. Option 6 or Category 6 - Herbicide Testing

Herbicides are basically chemicals that kills weeds, which are plants that grows alongside lawns, gardens, trees, etc.  Although weeds can be an eyesoar, but also compete with other plants for available nutrients.  It's interesting to know that not all weeds are bad, or cause environmental problems.  Some weeds such as dandelions have medicinal benefits that can lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, heart and liver healthy, and others. The most common weed killers include Carfentrazone, Pendimethalin.Halosulfuran-methyl, Bensulide, and others.
Price - $255.00 per sample

Symptoms of Weed Exposure

dry mouth
increased appetite
increase heartbeat
feeling anxious
red eyes.
burning sensation

g. Option 7 or Category 7 - Pesticide Testing

Pesticides are chemical compounds that are designed to get rid of pest, mainly insects that invade or demolish a plant.  There are many types of pesticides including diazinon, boric acid, malthion, dursban, metaldehyde, and others.  DDT was one of the most common pesticide that was widely used, however, it has devastating effects on human health by causing cancer.  From this, DDT was completely banned by government both state, and federal levels. 
Price - $385.00 per sample

B. Quantitative or Concentration Analysis

Any results from the above categories can be quantified, or determine the concentration at an additional cost.  NOTE: Concentration will be expressed in Percent form.

a. One to two chemical compound -
$135.00 per compound. 

b. More than two compounds -
$375.00 for any number of compounds found.  For example, if there are 4 chemical compounds the cost is $375.00.  Likewise, if there are 7 chemical compounds that need to be quantified the cost is also $375.00, and so on.

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There are Options or Categories to properly identify the poison in a food, drink, pill, medication, and other substances.

a. Home Testing for Poisons

This option is doing the poison testing for drinks and foods at the privacy of your own home. Also, this is a very simple process that only takes 3 simples steps to get the results, which takes about 2-8 minutes. For more information, click on Home Poison Test Kit.


$275.00 per test kit, plus shipping cost.        



b. Laboratory Testing Option Prices

You can choose one or more of the Categories or Options. Please note that if the effects, after exposure is immediate (at least within 5 minutes) then the suspected poison is chemical in nature. On the other hand, if the effects is one hour or more then the poison can be microbial (bacteria, or virus). NOTE: All testing from Categories  are qualitative (positive or negative) ONLY. You can choose one or more of the following Categories or Options below. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at 614-515-1792, or email at staydrugfree@toxassociates.com.

1. Option 1 or Category 1 - Comprehensive Drug Analysis - $385.00  

2. Option 2 or Category 2 - "Bath Salts" Testing - $325.00 per sample  

3. Option 3 or Category 3 -
Chemical Solvent Analysis  - $335.00 per sample

4. Option 4 or Category 4 -
Poison Testing - $285.00 per sample  

5. Option 5 or Category 5 -
Microbial Testing - $275.00 per sample    

6. Option 6 or Category 6 -
Herbicide Testing - $255.00 per sample 

7.  Option 7 or Category 7 -
Pesticide Testing - $285.00 per sample  

Call Us 614-515-1792 or email at staydrugfree@toxassociates.com for any questions.

Confidence in testing results


The tests that are available are group in Categories or Options. See Pricing above for descriptions.
bleach, antifreeze poisons

Quality Testing


Sending your samples for testing is very simple.  Please click on -> Instructions how to send sample for testing.
e coli, salmonella poisoning


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