Do you need to test yourself, or suspect that someone you know is doing alcohol and or drugs, or perhaps you want to test yourself, or a family or friend  for alcohol, before you drive after too much partying over the weekend?  Don't get pulled over. "A sober head, is better than a lobster and a steak" for dinner.   Avoid all the legall hassles.  It is not worth it.  It's way too expensive, and your license can be suspended.  Above all, save your life as well as other's lives.  As they say in football, "Live to live another down".

Browse through the different test kits for alcohol and drugs. These test kits uses your saliva, not urine. Therefore, it's easier, cleaner, and less invasive.  Results in just a few minutes.  For the saliva alcohol test kit, it will give the the level or amount of alcohol that is similar to blood alcohol.