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Hepatitis B Core Igm Antibody

Because the virus has a central core, upon initial infection your body will make Antibody to the core of the virus. The Antibody will appear in blood in about 6 -14 weeks.
SKU Number: HBcAb135
Price:   $52.00 



are basically fats from various sources such as meat, nuts. etc. Fats are important souce of energy, protects the brain, maintenance of healthy skin, and others. Too much intake of fats can have deliterious health consequences.
SKU Number: TRIG569
Price:   $11.50 



Includes sodium, potassium, chloride, and carbonate that are important in proper function of various organs and cells in our body
SKU Number: ELYTES6214
Price:   $18.50 


Thyroxic (T4);Free; unbound hormone

Test Free T4 helps to evaluate thyroid functioinality, and determine diseases such as hypothyrodism and hyperthyrodism
SKU Number: T4FR198
Price:   $58.00 


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

a hormone responsible for the stimulation of the thyroid gland to produce T4 hormone, that has a great effect on metabolism.
SKU Number: TSH6125
Price:   $45.00 


Heavy Metal Mercury

use commonly in thermometers. Exposure to Mercury is usually from eating sea foods such as fish.
SKU Number: HHg439
Price:   $68.00 


Heavy Metal Lead

Usually found in paints, gun ammunition (bullets), etc. Exposure to lead can lead to various health problems including mental retardation.
SKU Number: HPb369
Price:   $42.00 


Arsenic Heavy Metal

found in rat poisoning and other sources. FDA acceptable level is less than or equal to 72 ng/ml.
SKU Number: HAs185
Price:   $55.00 


Cholesterol (Total)

an important compound that is a base form many hormone synthesis, and also aids in providing rigidity in cell membranes.
SKU Number: TCHOL754
Price:   $12.00 



his is one of the source of energy that our cells need to carry on its tasks. One the best sources of glucose is common table sugar. Interestingly, our brain consumes about close to 1/4 pound of glucose per day. A deficiency in glucose is hypoglycemia, while an excess in glucose in the blood is called hyperglycemia. The latter may indicate a disorder of diabetes, where insulin deficiency maybe indicated.
SKU Number: GLU2145
Price:   $13.50 

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