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Hair Drugs of Abuse Analysis
Anabolic Steroid Analysis
Forensic (Legal) Blood/Urine DAU Analysis
Substance Identification
"Club Drug" Analysis
Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol) Forensic/Non Analysis
Herbal Incense, Herbal Compounds Analysis
Check Your Health
Kratom Analysis

Option 1 - Comprehensive Drug Analysis (e.g. Asprin, Tylenol, Heroin, Cocaine, Prozac, Valium, etc.)

A substance identification of pharmacological drugs such as Aspirin, Prozac, Acetaminophen (Tylenol), Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed), illicit drugs such as Cocaine, Marijauna, and many others. Specimens can be pill, capsules, other solid or liquid substances, except human specimens.
Price:   $525.00 


Additional Test - Quantitative Analysis

Additional Testing of a drug(s) on doing a Comprehensive Drug Analysis. This is for ONE drug ONLY.
SKU Number: *
Price:   $135.00 


Additional Test - Quantitative Analysis (Multiple DRugs)

Additional Testing of found drugs from Comprehensive Drug Analysis Multiple Testing - 3 or more drugs at $325.00
SKU Number: *
Price:   $325.00 


Option 2 - Steroid Analysis

This will tests for Anabolic Steroids (i.e. Testosterone, Stanozolol, etc.),NOTE: Qualitative Analysis ONLY.
SKU Number: SIDSter018
Price:   $455.00 


Fabric Analysis for Semen; Infidelity/Suspected Rape

Suspect infidelity from your lover or your partner, ease your worry and get it analyze for the absence or presence of semen in a fabric (i.e. pants, shirts, underwear, etc.). This is also ideal in a suspected rape case.
SKU Number: FAS692
Price:   $350.00 


Option 3. Synthetic Cannabinoid Analysis

Testing of Synthetic Cannabinoids sush as JWH-018, ADB-Pinaca, and many others.
SKU Number: *
Price:   $575.00 


Option 4 - Chemical/Poisonous Compound (e.g. Cyanide, Bleach, Arsenic, etc.)

Many common household chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, etc. can be poisonous or toxic if expose. Don't delay, test yourself today or someone you care about, and stay healthy.
Price:   $475.00 


Option 5. Drug Verification - Qualitative Analysis

If you're interested to know what type of drug that you have, a Qualitative or drug identification is an ideal choice.  This will ONLY give you a positive or non-detected results.  NOTE: You must Indicate the drug type or drug name.
SKU Number: *
Price:   $175.00 


Option 6. Drug Verification - Quantitative Analysis

The Quantitative Analysis will identify and determine the concentation of the drug.  NOTE: Please indicate the drug name or type.

Sample Volume Requirements

a. Liquid

min. 0.10 ml, ideal 1.0 ml

b. Solid (powder, etc.)

min 50 mg, ideal 100 mg


SKU Number: *
Price:   $265.00 


Stat Fee

Stat fee same day service
SKU Number: *
Price:   $125.00 


Steroids (other substances)

This will test for Anabolic Steroids (i.e. Testosterone, Stanazol, etc.),  QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS ONLY - Non-detect or Positive results only from sources of pills, tablets, food, and other materials.  $455.00 per sample.
SKU Number: *
Price:   $455.00 

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