Covid-19 Home Test Kit

Get yourself, or someone you know tested for Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is probably one of the most devastating disease that mankind has ever experienced. The effects alone is highly devastating, that affected closure of many types of businesses, rise in unemployment, deaths to some, and its economic impact is unimaginable and difficult to measure. Vaccination is now available, but in limited supply and in priority basis (i.e. front line workers, elderly, and the general population. In the meantime, exposure to the virus is still eminent and risky to most people, especially those who are vulnerable to the disease.

What is Covid-19 Home Test Kit?
The Covid-19 Home Test Kit is the latest among diagnostic equipment to detect the absence or presence of Covid-19 virus. Developed and Researched by Lucira Health, it was granted approval for home use by FDA.  The test kit is convenient, safe to use, simple instruction, and results in just about 30 mins.  Just 3 steps.
          1. Swab nose with a swabbing material provided
          2. Place the swabbed cotton in the testing device
          3. Read results
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Price - $75.99       

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