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Your health is probably the most important part of living, that is sometimes dictated by eating healthy foods, lifestyle, social interaction, environmental exposure, and many others. Maintenance and prevention by checking your cholesterol, glucose, potassium, etc. on a routine basis is a great idea.

We want to help you stay healthy by offering to you our "Health Check Promo" to test yourself with the available promo tested listed and described below.

a. Promo 1 - Metabolic Panel Testing

1. Albumin - Ths is a protein that helps keep the fluids in the bloodstream, so that it doesn't leak in to other tissues. It's like a sealant. Abnormal levels of albumin indicates problems with kidney or liver.

2. Aminoalanine Transferase (ALT) - This is an enzyme made by the liver, and high levels of ALT may indicate problems of the liver cause by jaundice, or hepatitis.

3. Aminoaspartate Transferase (AST)- High levels of AST can indicate a problem with liver and/or heart.

4. Alkaline Phospatase - This test also checks to see if the liver is healthy or not.

5. BUN/Creatinine Ratio - This test the health of your kidneys. A high ratio means the kidneys are not functioning well, or a possible congestive heart failure.

6. Calcium - This is a very important mineral in your body that keeps your bones healthy, as well as proper functioning of your muscles, skeletal, and heart.

7. Glucose - a normal blood glucose level is important, that indicates your pancreas is producing insulin and working fine. Elevated glucose may indicate diabetes disease.

8. Potassium - A very important electrolyte that maintains muscle control, nerve activity, and other functions. High potassium levels can lead to heart problems such as heart attack.

9. Globulins - These are proteins that if elevated can indcate cancer such as myeloma, Hodkins disease. immune system disorders.

10. Sodium (Na) - is another importan electrolye that maintains fluid balance, and proper muscle functioning. Elevated levels of sodium may indicate heart, or kidney failure.

b. Promo 2 - Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) - This is a protein made in the prostrate gland of males. The PSA testing is a good indicator if there is cancer of the prostrate or not. Early detection is crucial to preventative and treatment of the cancer, if present.

Normal PSA levels vary depending on age and race. Below list concentration of PSA at normal levels based on age and race. NOTE: This is a guideline, not absolute rules.

Age range (years) Asians Caucasians
40 - 49 0 - 2.0 ng/ml 0 - 2.5 ng/ml
50 - 59 0 - 3.0 ng/ml 0 - 3.5 ng/ml
60 - 69 0 - 4.0 ng/ml 0 - 4.5 ng/ml
70 - 79 0 - 5.0 ng/ml 0 - 6.5 ng/ml

c. Lipid Panel with ratios
This will tests for cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, HDL/LDL  and LDL/HDL ratios

d. Thyroid Panel Tests
This will test for thyroid stimulation hormone (TSH), T3 and T4 hormones.

The Best Deal In Town


a. Metabolic Panel Testing - $16.50
b. Prostate Specific Antigen(PSA) - $21.00
c. Lipid Panel with Ratios - $8.95
d. Thyroid Panel - $25.95

Confidence in testing results


1. Metabolic Panel

Albumin Aminoalanine Transferase (ALT)
Aminoaspartate Transferase (AST)
Alkaline Phosphatase
BUN/Creatine Ratio

2. Prostate Serum Antigen (PSA)

3. Lipid Panel

Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL, LDL, HDL/LDL, LDL/HDL

4. Thyroid

TSH, T3, T4

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Health Check Promo

Check your health today for TSH, T3 and T4, Lipid Panel with Ratios, glucose, cholesterol, potassium, PSA test for prostate health, and others.

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