Kratom Analysis



Kratom has been used as a treatment for pain, and for opiod withdrawals.  The major alkaloid in Kratom is Mitragynine, and the minor alkaloid is 7-hydroxymitragynine.  Both alkaloids are heavily researched, and identified and are responsible for the effects of using Kratom.  Other alkaloids were identfied but in very small amounts.


    a. Leaf or Powder Forms - $265.00 per sample     ORDER NOW

    b. Liquid (oil, or water base) - $235.00 per sample     ORDER NOW

Sample Requirements

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    a. Solid - 3 grams minimum

    b. Liquid - 1.5 minimum

Turn-around Time

    a. Routine - within 5-7 business days

    b. STAT/Expedited - $125.00 per sample. Same day if sample is received by 2:00 pm EST.    Thereafter, the results will be reported the following day.     ORDER NOW