Pharmacy Drug Analysis Special Offer


















We are offering a Qualitative and/or Quantitative Analysis of Drugs, prepared solutions or manufactured. This is ideal if the efficacy of the drug is questionable, suspicions of tampering or unlawful activity, or other reasons.

In addition, the Qualitative/Quantitative Analysis can be done for drug stability study, where a drug is quantified say every hour, or every 4 hrs., etc. to determine its concentration vs. time at room temperature. This is very helpful as far as handling and storage of a drug to ensure its ability to react to its capacity, once administered.

Method - by Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) that is the “Gold Standard” in analytical science, due to its superb capabilities of accurate identifying a drug compound, and its sensitivity unmatched by any of the other analytical instrumentation such as HPLC, Inrared Spectrometer, Immunoassay, and Gas Chromatograph.

Sample Volume

Liquids - 1 ml min, 3 ml ideal
Solids - 0.10 gram min, 2 grams ideal

Turn-Around Time

Expedited at No Extra Charge for this special offer. Results usually same day, but no more that 24 hrs. in some cases. Drug Time Study not applicable.

Fee - $85.00 good until March 15, 2019