Product Certification


The following is a list of Analytical Services that we offer to tests your samples to find out what it contains.

1. Anabolic Steroids - This will test for most common anabolic steroids including testosterone, stanozolo, etc.  Anabolic steroids are compounds that increases or boost muscle build-up in a relatively shorter period of time.

2. Cannabidiol (CBD) - CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, but has many medicinal benefits inclding pain reliever, convulsion treatment, and others.

3. Kratom Analysis - Kratom is a non-opiod that is used to treat opiod withdrawals, relief of pain, and others.

4. Substance Identification -  Identification of a found capsule, pill, powder, either by itself of from a drink, food, etc.  We can analyzed for drugs, steroids, chemical compounds, and poisonous compounds.

5. Synthetic Cannabinoids Analysis - This  has many of the same properties as Marijuana, that binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors causing a "High" feeling of effects, but maybe more potent.  These include JWH-018, AB-Fubinaca, AM-2201 and many others.

A. Product Certification for Herbal Incense, CBD, and Kratom Products

    This tests will certify whether or not your product contains Synthetic Cannabinoids, and THC.
    FEE - $575.00 per sample
    Expedited (same day results, but no more than 24 hrs. in some cases) - $125.00 per sample.


  1. B. Product Certification to determine if your product is ALL Natural or Contains drugs, steroids, synthetic cannabinoids.  This will TESTS for the following.

    1. Drugs (prescribed such as Prozac, over the counther such as aspirin, or illicit drugs such    as                 Cocaine,  Marijuana, etc.  Over 150 drugs will be tested).

2. Steroids such as Testosterone, Methandienone, and others

3. Synthetic Cannabinoids


FEE - $1400.00 per sample
Expedited resutls (optional; same day results, but no more than 24 hrs. in some cases) - $125.00 per sample.